Inspiration Quantum

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Inspiration Quantum

Inspiration Quantum introduces some basic concepts of quantum science and technologies to prepare you for your quantum computing journey.

Fear not if you don’t have a scientific background or you're not so confident about the math you studied in school, you won’t see any formula!

Target audience: Business leaders and managers, employees of tech startups, marketing and HR personnel, tech investors, policy makers, journalists, and curious people. 
At the end of the course you'll be able to:

  • Understand what quantum technology means and is about
  • Read media critically
  • Distinguish, when it comes to quantum technologies and quantum computers, good (truthful and accurate) media sources such as articles, news or videos from the fake or hyped media sources.

Course curriculum

01. Introduction

  • Welcome

02. Approaching Quantum Computing

  • One Step into the Quantum World
  • What are Quantum Technologies?
  • Quantum Natives

03. Focus on Quantum Computers

  • Quantum Computing awakens
  • The rise of Quantum Computing

04. Betting big

  • The Quantum Revolution
  • The Quantum Race
  • Knowledge Checkpoint

05. Quantum Algorithms

  • Why do we need quantum computers?
  • A needle in a haystack
  • Knowledge Checkpoint
  • A recipe for

06. The Quantum Core

  • Realm of Uncertainty
  • Qubits & other fancy stuff
  • Knowledge Checkpoint
  • Quantum Computation
  • Real-life Qubits

07. How can we use Quantum Computers NOW?

  • The near term era
  • Quantum vs Classical Computers
  • Knowledge Checkpoint
  • Use-cases
  • When will be time for the iPhone Q?
  • Investigation session

08. Becoming a Quantum-Ready Company

  • Ready, steady, go!
  • National races to Quantum Technology
  • What comes next?

09. Wrap-Up

  • What about you?
  • Continue your quantum learning journey!
  • Quantum Quiz
  • Certificate of completion

Course curriculum

Supported by

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement no. 101100757.